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Adult films that focus on erotic and sexual aspects are an integral part of the film industry and have a long history of existence. These films, also known as porn films or adult films, have evolved over the years, reflecting changes in society, technology and consumer preferences. The adult film industry has a huge variety of productions, from the simplest and traditional erotic scenes to complex and elaborate films with various themes. These movies can be classified into several categories, such as softcore adult movies, hardcore movies, BDSM movies, lesbian movies, gay movies, fantasy movies, and many more. Regardless of the category they fall into, these films have a common goal: to explore sexuality and provide visual pleasure to their viewers. Adult films find their audience in a variety of ways. There are people who enjoy watching these films in the privacy of their own homes, using them as a source of sexual stimulation or as a form of erotic entertainment. Also, there are clubs and cinemas dedicated entirely to the projection of such films, where viewers can share the experience with others and explore their fantasies in a safe and controlled environment. Some porn films may have a more artistic or narrative approach, offering a complex story and well-developed characterizations in combination with erotic scenes. These films aim to bring more depth and quality to this cinematic genre, trying to overcome the stereotypes associated with adult films and offer a more sophisticated experience to their audience. However, it should be noted that there are also problems and criticisms associated with the adult film industry. Some people argue that these films promote a distorted image of sexuality and create unrealistic expectations regarding physical aspects and sexual performance. There are also concerns about the exploitation and treatment of actors in this industry. Porn films that focus on erotic and sexual aspects represent a significant component of the film industry. Regardless of opinions and critics, these films continue to be produced and consumed by a diverse audience. It is important to recognize that pornography can have various influences on society and it is the responsibility of each individual to approach these materials with discernment and to respect their own standards and values. Directors and creators of erotic films often use cinematic techniques such as bold cinematography, sensual lighting and seductive music to create an atmosphere charged with sexuality and erotic tension. Also, these films can feature famous actors and actresses who take on challenging roles and who manage to convey strong emotions and chemistry on screen. In conclusion, erotic films represent a distinct part of cinematography, approaching themes and subjects related to sexuality in a complex and diversified way, and being likely to arouse interest and critical debates.